Game of Thrones: Foals join show’s many musician cameos

Image captionIn the interest of spoilers, this is not a screenshot from Game of Thrones

This article contains one very minor season eight spoiler about the fate of Ed Sheeran’s character.

Foals, Ed Sheeran, Snow Patrol, Mastadon.

It’s a supergroup literally nobody asked for… except the makers of Game of Thrones.

Those are a handful of the famous names to appear in the show – with Jack Bevan and Jimmy Smith, drummer and guitarist of Foals, becoming the latest to head to Winterfell.

Whether they’re blink-and-you-miss-it or brutally crow-barred in, there’s been a solid roster of GoT cameos over the years. 

Instagram post by jackbevan: Last February our manager @qprimemgmt managed to get a lovely crew of us all into the Battle of Winterfell. Sadly, I don’t think we survived the night. It really was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. Cheers to the best show of all time! 🍻
Jimmy Smith

The band described being part of the filming for the Battle of Winterfell, in episode three of season eight, as “one of the coolest experiences” – but they don’t think they survived the battle.

Jack has however offered to “buy a Dairy Milk” for anyone who can find a split second of him in the show.

A cameo that was a tad harder to miss was Ed Sheeran’s appearance in the first episode of series seven.

Instagram post by teddysphotos:

He sang a previously unreleased song that impressed Arya Stark – but not all the show’s fans – after she came across Ed with a group of Lannister soldiers.

Although his role was a divisive one, the character was referenced again in the final series after seemingly surviving a run-in with a dragon.

Here’s Ed being weirdly calm about his character having no eyelids. 

ed sheeran's post

Ed Sheeran is by no means the first to write new material for the show though.

Florence and the Machine, SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott are among the names who have contributed to the soundtrack of series eight – although they’re yet to creep into any scenes.

Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol also performs a purpose-written Game of Thrones song.

He was a Bolton soldier in series three, singing The Bear And The Maiden Fair – a track written for the show by The Hold Steady.

Fellow Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men also soundtracked a scene, playing in the background of a performance by a theatre troupe in season six.

Of Monsters And Men
Image captionOf Monsters And Men say they asked to guest in the show for several years before their 2016 cameo

There was also a very quick, slightly less demanding, musical part for Coldplay drummer Will Champion, taking on the role of a drummer (with ease) at The Red Wedding.

The veterans of Game of Thrones musical cameos are Mastadon though.

The Atlanta rock band were wiped out in series five when their village was attacked by an army of the undead and White Walkers.

Image captionMastodon are (so far) the only musicians to make two cameos in the show

However, they then returned in the series seven climax as zombies in the White Walker army.

Bastille also popped up (for less than a second) in that episode.

Keys player Kyle Simmons and their tour manager were seen in the show but other band members, including singer Dan Smith, seemingly didn’t make the final edit.